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Thread: Xp Install Problems

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    A friend ( acquaintence?) from another forum is having a lot of trouble with a fresh XP Pro install.

    It will not finish the install...PC freezes at random stages of the installation.

    All extraneous hardware has been disconnected.
    Cleared CMOS.
    Bios is set at default.
    He's using a real Microsoft Windows disc.

    His last attempt got him as far as "Two minutes left" before freezing.

    Any ideas?
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    I have come across this problem and most of the time RAM was the problem. Would suggest him using the cd on some other computer or using some other Ram on his computer to make sure if thats the case. If he can bootup as you already know should check with Memtest.
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    He can&#39;t boot up cause right now he has no OS to boot into.
    We&#39;re trying different RAM right now...
    thanks for the quick reply.
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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    Memtest86 is available as a bootable CD image, and is what I use. Very handy, it is.
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    You hit the problem, first try.
    My buddy had 3x 512Mb of memory installed.
    Upon your recommendation I had him remove all but one stick and the install went through just fine.
    After a successful boot into Windows he went back in and reinstalled the other two sticks and all is now hunky-dory.

    Thank you.
    There is a very happy college student in South Africa today because of your advice....
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    When i perform a clean installation i make sure i do the following:
    clean out the heatsink with air compressers, clean any additional fans on the case, remove dust from the hdd(s).

    then i do the install.


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