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Thread: Why Does Wmp9?

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    After a new min the player shuts down...I have all the codec's installed on my PC

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    maybe thats the problem, u have all the codecs

    i got my WMP free, but not from kazaa.

    i've never actually used it to play dvd's though, cause a DVD program came with my computer.
    check the microsoft site for updates though.
    do any error reports come up?

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    Use a DVD player proggy like PowerDVD. Search for it on Kazaa.

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    I heard WMP9 isn't all that good. If you wanna play DVDs, use PowerDVD just as Shinigami said.

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    WMP9 is worst performance player you can found.
    I have weak machine so I know. Order is (what I tested, from most efficient down):

    1. PowerDVD 4.0
    2. BSPlayer
    3. WMP *

    If you have P-IV, then WMP9 is right for you. Or if you don't need video, just audio (but w/o visualizations).

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    There is a special codec for WMP9 called X Pack and PowerPack.. by Intervideo and some other company..that allow you to rip mp3s and playback dvds in WMP9

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    You are using XP, yeah?

    WMP won't play DVDs if you don't use XP.


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