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Thread: Who Are You People?

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    May 2003
    After not having to find a kazaalite download (MUCH different from the "new" sellout K-Lite or freakishly sold-out "kazaa-lite" downloads who wish to charge for every file, it seems that the fasttrack days have been forgotten already. Apparently a new wave of pepsi drinking downloaders have arrived and chosen to erase the past completely. There are at least 2 million loyal kazaakite users who will never conform to these standards...
    I am always aghast at the silliness of man...but you guys have really formed your own special place in the annals of conformity.
    God bless you all...

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    May 2003
    hey boss we didn't have any says so in it. it was decided for us. what we say does not matter. we don't cotroll the forum.

    please take it up with the admins


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