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Thread: Wmv Problem

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    when i play a wmv file with bsplayer i get only a grey screen. i get the sound. i have klite codec pack 2.20

    shal download the mega pack today, will it help?

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    does it play in Mplayer2.exe? (Mplayer2.exe should be on your PC, do a search if youre not sure)

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    WMV itself is a problem. I mean, heck, what good is a video format that cannot even be skipped through (frame skip, fast forward, etc) in its own native player (WMP)? And trying to convert WMV to anything useful is an exercise in moral strength. It can takes hours to convert minutes of video and it'll suck 100% of your CPU (2GHz here).

    So on the subject of getting around WMV problems, does anyone know a tried-and-true method of converting WMV into something useful, perhaps even without running Windows? I'd be willing to setup a small Linux partition if there's a Linux program that can convert WMV to MPEG or DivX faster than 2fps.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Well I used this for the two times I have needed it,much quicker than 2fps. and its free.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll try it out.


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