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Thread: Ahhhh!

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    My Kazaa went nuts tonight. I start it up and it runs fine. I search for some files, start downloading and let it be, just like I always do but its freaking out on me. Kazaa keeps crashing (not responding) then if I let it sit for a few seconds, it is working again, but only for a few seconds before it is not responding again. I'm not getting any messages about my OS closing Kazaa, it just seems to be doing it by itself. If I close kazaa while its "not responding" it closes all the way, shuts right down, but if I do it when its responding, it only goes to the systray like it usually does. I can't seem to switch between Traffic, My Kazaa, theater, and Search without it taking about 1 minute to go from each tab. I restarted my comp, ran Norton's disk Dr. uninstalled and reinstalled Kazaa. I can't think of anythign else to try. Please help me.

    Some things just in case you need them
    Win XP Pro, 320megs Ram, 800meg AMD, 40 gig HD with 10 gigs free, Norton Internet Security 2003, Norton Systemworks 2003, Kazaalite 2.1, normally running with Sharemonkey speed up on and Kazap off.

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    You got some weirdness going on there.

    First question, you got a virus scanner running yeah?

    second question, What service pack you got?

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    My XP is up to date totally and I have Norton anti virus 2003. It seems to be working fine today. I guess it was just a freak thing.

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    I heard people having similar problems when accidentally sharing their entire drive. Maybe that's the problem...
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    try reinstalling?

    Maybe some important files corrupted..



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