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Thread: Kvcd

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    Is`nt Mpeg already a VCD.

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    umm, muchspl2 made the guide, and if i'm not mistakened, you have to convert the file to avi in order to make a kvcd, not mpeg. use virtual dub to do it (convert mpeg to avi) unless the original file is in avi form, then use acp to make a kvcd file then just burn the video file that that acp makes. muchspl2's guide worked like a charm for me (thanks to him, i have Band Of Brothers the enitre collection, and about 50 more kvcd's ).

    EDIT: ACP takes the avi file that you have and converts it into an mpeg file that is in kvcd form.

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    thats true but you can always to an mpg->mpg conversion anyway i think, just get the templates from and try things out, there are guides on that site also if you need further help.

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    cpt your all backwards a mpeg is a kvcd (If it fits on one disc with excellent quality) avi cannot be burned as a vcd it has to be encoded to .mpg (mpeg)


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