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Thread: Any Good Easy To Play Space Invader Type Games ?

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    I owuld like to get a few of these games for my wife to play.

    She loves Bugatron (we have the 18 level free demo) but I would like a couple more like this.

    I used to have Galaxians on my 386 but would like a more modern Pentium style version.

    Any suggestions and sites I could download them from ?
    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    dl mame and roms

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    Thanks Bob

    I couldn't hear you !

    Are those games eg

    Mame and Roms

    Where can I get them from ?
    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    MAME is an emulator that will allow you to play all the old popular video arcade game ROMs on your PC.
    Try searching for MAME with Kazaa Lite.
    Look out for MAME packed with ROMS in the same .zip or .rar file.
    You'll be pleasantly surprised how many games there are.

    Also, check out Laserage. It's similar to Galaxian but was made specifically for PC.
    It's given me many a happy hour of alien blasting.
    You can download it from this site.

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    Get Mame here -

    get roms here -

    all should be free
    one site gives you cds filled if you ssend them empty ones
    put the roms in the rom folder

    als search kazaa for roms
    theres like 6gbs of games.....


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