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Thread: Media Player Classic Problems

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    I have had no luck using media player classic from vobsub. If anyone can help me out with a list of all software needed to use this it would be much appreciated

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    Media Player Classic?

    That's just one single executable file. All you need to do is run it to use it.

    I have put mine in the same folder as Windows Media Player.

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    What is Media Player Classic?

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    hi Paul. thx for the reply, but I have it installed in the same folder as wmp 6.4.
    when I run it I get these errors
    The MPLAYERC.EXE file is linked to missing export DDRAW.DLL ( i have this in windows\system)
    and a device attached to the system is not functioning (all devices seem to be working)
    I have heard this is a good media player and would like to try it out.
    Thanks in advance swimmingfree


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