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Thread: Video Card Driver

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    Ive been having a lot of problems with my video card ( gefroce fx 5200 256mb) such as the screen freezing and skipping and crap so I found out its most likely the drivers ( ive tried many) and I reformated my computer and havent installed the drivers yet, and I havent had anymore freezes or anything, so should I install the drivers? And if so what drivers should I install? The newest drivers on the nvidia website,drivers on windows update, or (drivers it came with, but that were I think the problem came from) ?
    <span style='color:blue'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Msi ms-6330
    Amd Athlon at 1ghz
    896mb Ram pc-133
    Seagate 80gb 7,200 rpm
    Nvidia Geforce MX 420
    21 inch screen
    MSI 52X32X52 CD-RW (cr52-m)
    SoundBlaster 5.1 mp3+
    Creative Labs 5.1 Speakers
    Xp Pro Sp1</span></span>

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    I don&#39;t know what to tell you, dude, but that card is considered a "budget/value" card, and is hardly capable to play modern games (DX9) at decent framerates. Especially since much of your GPU&#39;s processor&#39;s cycles are devoted to recompiling native DX9 code into Nvidia&#39;s proprietary code ( ).

    And the fact that you have the 256 mb variant will probably decrease performance due to the fact that the latency of the ram of your card is twice as slow as the 128 version.

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    you could try one of the drivers on this website they have archives of older drivers and some drivers that were leaked and havent been released yet. I am using the newest one on that site, 56.55 and i dont have any troubles.

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    i recently formatted my hd and i forgot the install new drives so i couldnt play any games or anything a quick trip to nvidias website and downloaded the newest forcewave drives and every things cool


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