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Thread: Help A Guy Out

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    My problem is that I have a GeForce 4 Ti 48000 SE, I know it works becuase it is from another computer of mine. I installed it, but when I go to play certin games it starts to load (e.g. sceen goes black (maybe a flixer or two)) then it just goes back to windows like nothing happened.
    I have the lattest drivers & I've tried removing other hardware.
    Any ideas or help?

    Thank you in advanced,


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    Which games, and how old are they?
    Do you have the latest Direct X?
    Test directdraw and direct3d with Dxdiag,
    Do these games have a seperate setup dialog outside of the game? e.g Setup.exe etc.

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    Hello Again:

    Thank you for trying to help:

    Okay I tried testing the things you said with the dxdiag (worked fine)
    Have lattest DirectX.
    The only games I've tried are as follows:
    MaxPayne 2 (works okay)
    Quake III (works okay
    Unreal T.2k3 (doesn't load)
    Need For Speed Under ground (doesn't load)
    Battlefield 1942 (doesn't load)
    (not a game but tried it) 3DMark03 (works okay)
    And yes they're all in their own directories and that good stuff.

    Again please help...


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    Is your moniter installed correctly?
    What bit-depth do you have windows set at?
    Do NFS or BF1942 have setup boxes?

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    Yeah my monitor is installed correctly (plug&play) I've been using it for years.
    windows is at 32bits for color depth.
    And what is
    Do NFS or BF1942 have setup boxes?

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    Are Need for Speed (NFS) and Battlefield 1942 (BF1942) patched to the latest version?

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    Looking back on your at your abers. they make more sense now and now they aren't at the lattest patchs, but neither are any of my games

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    I believe it's something to do with your refresh rate,
    Try changing your moniter refresh rate to 60Hz
    Control Panel->Display->Settings Tab->Advanced->Monitor Tab->60Hz
    If this fails try patching your games. They're both published by EA which might suggest that they have a specific problem with your modern video card, which may have been resolved in a later patch.


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    I have already played with my refresh rate, with no luck.
    I will try the patches, but if you have any other ideas feel free to shoot.
    Thank you,


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    what driver are you using? you should try the latest version from here and if you already have the latest version go to this website and try an older driver version or the leaked 56.55 driver which i am currently using and have no problems with.


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