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Thread: Back Up Trouble

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    the beeping is a truck backing up.... ah, fahgetaboutit.

    Anyway, its come time to back up my copy of sim city 4. Not being very experienced with backing up, I soon made 4 coasters and cursing to myself bitterly, I decided to COPY the contents from the 2 cds into 2 folders on my desktop, and burn the 2 FOLDERS onto 2 cds. The only problem is that when i go to install my backup cd, it sees only some folder on the cd, and wont intsall becaause its not working . All the files copied perfectly (I think), so i dont know what i should do. My dog (her name is jasmine) ate my original copy of sim city 4, so now all i have is my back up. What do i do!?!!

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    copying game is a tricky buisness, i dont think you can just copy any game cd direct, programs like clonecd and clonyxx will help or gamejack,

    as you are not aware there are hidden files and protection on game cd's to stop you copying them, try searchin for tutorials on how to rip games from cd


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