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Thread: K-lite 2.7 By Ftfakes

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    K- Lite v2.7 (RC1) Now Avalible

    This topic is for development of The new fasttrack client K-Lite

    for more info go to


    K-Lite v2.7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is out now!

    You can find more infos and download links on our new K-Lite web site.

    Special thanks to nsane and DeaDoubleJ for building the web site, LemonHead for the FAQ and all the VIPs for testing and all their support

    The K-Lite/FilesharingHelp Team

    This version comes with a very intersting new feature. It's called fake analysis and it's purpose is to avoid downloading fake files.
    It scans your search results for possible fakes and marks the search results as good (star) or bad (red bug).

    Of course it's impossible to detect all fake files, but you will see that it already works with a high accuracy

    The accuracy of this feature depends on a up-to-date BannedIPs list!!!

    More infos and instructions for the fake analysis are coming soon.

    K-Lite v2.7 Beta 4

    Changes KL 2.7 BETA 3 > KL 2.7 BETA 4
    Added fake analysis feature
    Replaced BadIPUpdater 1.5 with BannedIPsUpdater 1.0 (completely re-written)

    This is the version you've all been waiting for!

    It comes with a new look, new features and finally a constant participation level of 1000!

    K-Lite v2.7 Beta 3

    Changes KL 2.7 BETA 2 > KL 2.7 BETA 3
    Added constant participation level of 1000
    Added new icons for the main and secondary toolbar
    Added new feature: download monitor
    Added K-Lite splash screen
    Added shell open to the right click menu of My K-Lite view
    Added Delete (for finished downloads) to traffic view right click menu
    Added option to hide the uploads window in traffic view
    Easier access to hide toolbar and player option
    Removed K-Lite's internal webserver
    Removed the participation level menu
    Various code optimizations and bug fixes
    Other minor changes
    This is a BETA build, it does not reflect the quality of a finished product, please post any issues, no matter how minor they would seem.
    K-Lite is not endorsed or affilated with Sharman Networks Kazaa, in anyway
    You MUST place a clear link to this forum if mirroring.
    No DDLs Please!

    know you are waiting for it, so here it is!

    K-Lite v2.7 Beta 2

    Changes KL 2.7 BETA 1 > KL 2.7 BETA 2
    Fixed the problem with a false positive given by McAfee Anti Virus
    Added functions to backup, restore, export and freeze the participation level
    Removed kzscan.dll
    Removed KMD splash screen
    Disabled Bullguard anti virus option
    Updated HOSTS file
    Various bug fixes
    Many other things

    Its been along time coming but its finally here..... K-Lite 2.7!
    There has been a huge selection of changes from K-Lite 2.6, to many to list, but heres a highlight of the major changes:

    Changes KL 2.6 RC22 > KL 2.7 BETA1
    • Added full support for KMD 2.7.x
    • Updated KZN To 1.50
    • Updated BannedIPs/ HOSTS
    • Complete Re-Write Of Installer
    • Complete Re-Write Of Config Wizard
    • Many Other Things
    • This is a BETA build, it does not reflect the quality of a finished product, please post any issues, no matter how minor they would seem.
    • There is no "true" PL hack, although the installer comes with a 1000PL
    • K-Lite is not endorsed or affilated with Sharman Networks Kazaa, in anyway
    Lite :==========>


    It Is Recommended You Uninstall Older Versions Of K-Lite Before Upgrading
    K-Lite Is In NO Way Affiliated With Or Endorsed By Sharman Networks' KaZaA.

    Changes In RC22
    * Updated Khancer (1.0.35)
    * Updated KaZuperNodes To 1.4.8 Final
    * Updated KaNAT To 0.3.8 Final
    * Modifications To User Config Wizard
    * Changes To Various Webpages
    * Updated HOSTS And BannedIPS
    * Re-Added .OCX Files
    * Minor Changes/ Improvements

    Changes In RC21b
    * Fixed Bugs
    * Fixed Incorrect MP3 Shield Version
    * Removed Option To Download Runtimes

    Changes In RC21
    * Updated Khancer(1.0.34)
    > Change Log
    - Reduced Size
    - Bug Fixes/ Tweaks
    - Added Alternate Method Of Displaying Startpages (Webserver is NOT needed)
    - You can Press The "Shift" Key While Clicking A Tool, To Play/ Preview The Selection Download
    - Added Option To Use 16 Colour Tray Icon
    * Updated K-Dat To 1.2.5
    * Updated HOSTS And BannedIPS
    * Updates To Helpfile
    * Runtimes Are Downloaded From The Internet If Needed Now.
    * Added MP3 Sheild 2.0b
    * Reduced Size
    * Minor Graphical Changes
    * Minor Changes To Settings
    * Minor Fixes, Tweaks And Improvements

    Changes In RC20b
    * Fixed Version Number
    * Fixed A Small Bug In Installer
    * Updated HOSTS And BannedIPS

    Changes In RC20
    * Updated Khancer(1.0.32)
    > Change Log
    - Fixed Bug Where Options Window Ignores The First Mouse Click
    - Fixed Bug where preview with..tool wasn't working if the download was finished but was still a dat file
    - fixed problems with the options window when it was activated by accelerator > options from tray menu
    - fixed problem with the restore function of the tray menu
    - fixed auto start tools not working bug
    - fixed the bug where the accelerator doesn't always clear uploaded and erroneous
    - fixed problem of the search tab when it is activated by 'find more from same...' from traffic window
    - fixed a bug of KMD where the address bar of the web view disappers when you disconnect k-lite
    - Fixed Some Other Bugs
    - K-Lite traffic window steals the focus from khancer windows (options, MSA, about box) less often now
    - player is now always visible in theater view even when it's set to be hidden
    - Added 'New p2p Search' To Tray Menu (K-Lite Must Be Connected For It To Work)
    - Added Tools To The Tray Menu
    - Added Option To Start K-Lite With Traffic View
    - Added "Preview With...Associated Application"
    - Magnet Links Also Work Now If K-Lite Isn't Running
    - Auto close Works For Win98 Aswell
    - changed the green search, stop and search more buttons to text style
    - Removed Kazaa Logo From Theater
    - Player And Player Info Now Strech The Length Of Kazaa Window
    - Various Code Optimizations
    * Updated K-Dat To 1.2.4
    * Updated Helpfile
    * Changed Words Of Installer
    * Impovements To Componants Selection
    * Minor Changes
    * Minor Tweaks And Improvements

    Changes In RC19
    * Updated Khancer
    > Change Log
    - Fixed Bug Where Khancer Options Were Not Correctly Displayed With Some XP Themes
    - Fixed The 'Tray Menu Does Not Disapper' Bug
    - fixed The Bug Where The Hidden Player Appears Again After Clicking Apply In Kazaa Options
    - Fixed Where ASM Steals Kazaa Window
    - Fixed Bugs Which Noone Noticed
    - Fixed Bug Where Kazaa
    - Added Accelerator Options To Tray Menu (Enabled Only When On "Traffic" Tab)
    - Added Possibilty To Re-Order Tools
    - Removed Need For khrun
    - Accelerator Pauses While Right Click Menu In "Traffic" Is Displayed
    - "Pause All" Should Now Work On "Queued" Files
    - Changed The 'My Kazaa'To 'My K-Lite'
    - Pressing "Stop" To Stop Search Now Also Stops ASM
    - Added Keyboard Shortcuts To All Menus
    - KMD*.tmp Files Are Now Deleted When K-Lite Closes
    - Various Tweaks
    * Changes To Magnet Link Support
    * Updated HOSTS/ BannedIPs
    * Minor Changes/ Tweaks

    Changes In RC18
    * Updated Khancer
    > Change Log
    - Changed The Way ASM Is Shown
    - Added Gui-Hacking Features
    - Added Support For Xp Look
    - "Search" And "Traffic" Tabs Are Always Enabled
    - Added Paramaters To Tools
    * Added More Options For Ad Block
    * Re-Added K-Lite Clean Installer
    * Minor Tweaks And Fixes

    Changes In RC17
    * Updated Khancer
    > Change Log
    - Added Internal Accelerator
    - New Icons
    - New About Box
    * Updated AviPreview+
    * Updated KSig
    * Updated HOSTS
    * Updated BannedIPs
    * Fixed Secondary BannedIP Location
    * Fixed Klrun Link To Helpfile
    * Fixed "Skins" Folder Creation Error
    * Installer Is Now Placed In "My Shared Folder"
    * Removed QuickKaz
    * Removed K-Gui Hacker
    * New Look To Installer
    * New "My Shared Folder" Icon
    * New Look For User Config Wizard
    * Minor Tweaks

    Changes In RC16
    * Updated Khancer
    > Change Log
    - Added Multiple Selection Action
    - Reorganisation Of Right Click Menu
    * Updated HOSTS
    * Updated BannedIP's
    * Improvements To Installer Appearance
    * Improved Compression On Installer

    Changes In RC15
    * Updated Khancer
    > Change Log
    - Added More Options To "Pause" Downloads
    - Added More Options To "Resume" Downloads
    - Added More Options To "Find More Sources" Downloads
    - Added More Options To "Cancel" Downloads
    - Fixed Right Click Issue
    - Minor Fixes
    * Reduced Size Of Installer
    * Added Helpfile (Please Note: This Is Only A Early Release Of The Helpfile And More Information Will Be Added Soon)
    * Removed Old Notes
    * New Icon For "My Shared Folder"
    * Minor Tweaks To Installer

    Changes In RC14c
    * Sig2Dat Link Association Is Now Optional
    * Magnet Link Association Is Now Optional
    * Updated HOSTS
    * Updated BannedIps
    * Fixed Bug With Sig2Dat Links
    * Fixed ASM Positioning
    * Fixed Bug Where Internet Shortcuts Where Removed By Uninstaller
    * Compiled Using Latest Inno Setup
    * Removed Quick Launch Icon For "My Shared Folder"
    * Improved Compression
    * Installer Fails To Run If You Dont Have Admin Privlages
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC14b
    * Updated Khancer
    > Change Log
    - Added 'preview with' function
    - Added GUI to add/edit/remove tools
    - Minor Fixes
    * Updated QuickKaz
    * Added AVI Preview To "Preview With" Menu
    * Removed Uneeded Keys
    * Fixed ASM Registry Keys
    * Fixed Bug Where Registry Keys Werent Uninstalled
    * Fixed HOSTS Problem
    * Fixed Grammer In Setup
    * Fixed Version Number
    * Fixed Positioning On ASM Window
    * Compiled With Latest Inno Setup
    * Improved Compression
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC14
    * Fixed Order Of HOSTS Entries
    * Updated KLCI
    * Misc Changes
    * Re-Ordered Entries On Toolbar
    * Removed "User Config Wizard" From Toolbar
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC13b
    * Fixed Grammer
    * Added Autoclose To QuickKaz
    * KMD Entries To HOSTS Are Removed By The Uninstaller
    * Add "Clear HOSTS Before Installing" Option
    * Fixed Desktop Shortcut
    * Fixed Quicklaunch Shortcut
    * Removed Custom Icons From Instller - Reduces Size
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC13
    * Updated Khancer
    >Khancer Changelog
    * New Icons
    * ASM Doesnt Work For Leechers
    * Fixes To Multi-Tab ASM
    * Fixed Window Focus
    * ASM Can Be Integrated Into KMD
    * Fixes ASM Integration
    * New "About" Box
    * Minor Fixes
    * Enabled Autosearch More By Default
    * Fixed Magnet Link Ossocation Problem
    * Fixed Sig2Dat Problem
    * New Location For BannedIP's
    * Updated BannedIp Database
    * Applied Compression To KDat
    * Removed Uneeded Runtimes
    * New Graphics In Installer
    * Enabled Multi-Tab Autosearch More By Default
    * Changed Default Autosearch More To 2 Minutes
    * Updated Startpage
    * Added Option To Enable/Disable HOSTS
    * New Speed Up Tool
    * New Look To Installer
    * Changed Max Search Results To 200
    * Added Custom Icon On Setup
    * Updated HOSTS
    * Compiled With The Latest Inno Setup
    * Added Options To End Of Installer
    * Modded Config Wizard
    * Re-Added "Launch K-lite" To Config Wizard
    * Split HOSTS Into 2 Parts - One For KMD (Always Installed) And Another For Adds
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC12
    * Updated Startpage
    * Updated Khancer
    * Removed Uneeded DLL
    * Added Multitab ASM
    * Updated Speed-Up
    * Changed Speed-Up Registry Keys
    * Fixed Startpage
    * New HOSTS File (It should removed the old one!)
    * Added New KLrun Quicklinks
    * Installer Now Uses The Latest Inno Setup
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC11(PR1)
    * Updated Khancer
    - Khancer Changelog
    - Fixed Tray Icon
    - Fixed Webserver Errors
    - Fixed Window Focus
    - Fixed AutoSearchMore On "Advanced Tab"
    - Minor Fixes
    * Added Sig2Dat Protocol Registration
    * Updated KaZuperNodes To 1.4.8RC2
    * Added klrun
    * Fixed Khancer Bug
    * Removed Uneeded Registry Key
    * Fixed Icon For BadIpUpdater
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC10b
    * Updated Notes
    * Updated FAQ
    * Fixed My Shared Folder Desktop Icon
    * Fixed Runtime Placement
    * New Small Graphic In The Installer
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC10
    * Added 'New Look' To Installer
    * Updated Khancer
    * Added 'About'
    * Change Runtimes - Removed RICHTX32.OCX And Added MSCOMCTL.OCX
    * Toolbar Can Now Be Hidden
    * Startpage Can Now Be Custom
    * The Custom Pages Can Be Turned Off
    * Updated Notes
    * Updated FAQ
    * Added New Componants To Installer
    * Updated WebPages
    * Changed The KMD Install Process (For Legality Reasons) - Read Notes For More Information
    * Fixed A Few Grammar Mistakes
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC9d
    * Updated Terms - Please Read!
    * Removed Terms Link Shortcuts
    * Added "Options"
    * Fixed Updater Link
    * Added Missing Webpage
    * Added Option For My Shared Folder Icons
    * Removed "Launch K-Lite" From Config Wizard
    * Updated Banned IP's
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC9C
    * Fixed Search Page
    * Updated Our Loader
    * Updated Config Wizard
    * Changed Some Defualt Settings
    * Changed Number Of Search Results To 921 - Stops The Error!
    * Fixed Uninstaller Name
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC9b
    * Fixed Program Name
    * Changed Default Settings
    * Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC9
    * Added Four Runtimes : COMDLG32.OCX, MSWINSCK.OCX, RICHTX32.OCX, TABCTL32.OCX
    * Minor Fixes
    * Renamed Somefiles
    * Removed Doodles KLConfig Wizard
    * Added Rockos KLConfig Wizard
    * Updated Notes
    * Updated GK Toolbar
    * Changed Name (Again!)
    * Changed Default Installation Directories
    * Changed Shortcut Names
    * Updated K-lite Clean Installer
    * KLCI NOw Doesnt Need Downloading

    Changes In RC8
    * The Legality Of The Package IS Unknown(But is presumed legal - unless someone has any other ideas)
    * Changed Name
    * Changed/ Updated Notes
    * Changed Default Installation Directories
    * Changed Some Componant Options
    * Removed Diet-K
    * Removed KChat mIRC
    * Removed eDexter
    * Removed Rocko's KlConfig Wizard
    * Removed Some Uneeded Registry Keys
    * Removed Firewall Settings From End Of Uninstaller - Isnt Needed Now
    * Removed Uneeded Entries From Ktoolbar
    * Removed Some Uneeded Files
    * Updated BlockList
    * Updated BannedIp DataBase
    * Updated Ktoolbar
    * Updated Terms And Conditions - Please Read!
    * Reduced Size
    * Discontinued Other Packages (Basic, Mini And Standard - Makes It Less Confusing)
    * Added FAQ
    * Added Option To Download And Install Kazaa Media Desktop And Instantly Remove Spyware,
    Adware and Anything Else Uneeded By GodlyK (Kazaa Media Desktop Is Copyright Of Sharman Networks)
    * Added More Internet Shortcuts
    * Added Doodles KL Config Wizard
    * Lots Of Minor Fixes
    * Updated HOSTS
    * Fixed Some Invalid Registry Entries
    * Minor Changes To The Installer
    * Moved Startpage Location
    * Installation Is More Customisable
    * Hosts Now Merges Automatically (If the option is selected)
    * StartPage Is Now Local Hosted

    Changes In RC7
    * Added A New Entry To KToolbar
    * Updated Startpage
    * Updated Ktoolbar
    * Updated K-Dat To 1.2.3
    * Updated KaNAT To 0.3.8RC2
    * Fixed A Few Incorrect File Placements
    * Fixed A Couple Of Invalid Registry Entries On Win 98/ME
    * A Few Minor Fixes

    Changes In RC6
    * Completely removed Kazaa Begone from package
    * Added A Missing icon
    * Removed The Uneeded Manifest File From K-toolbar (Should Fix The Beeping Errors)
    * Added More Information About Tools
    * Fixed A Few Grammer Mistakes In Notes
    * Two copies of the HOSTS file are now created, One In System32 And the Other In The Installation DIR,
    (If The Option Is Selected), Incase You Would Like To Merge Our Version With Your Own (Use Host Manager)
    * Fixed a Few Bugs In The Installer
    * Changed The Names Of A Few Files and Shortcuts
    * Fixed A Few File Placement Errors
    * Added Option Of Which (If Any) Manifest Files You Would Like To Install
    (Manifest Files Add A 'XP Look' To Programs)
    * Added A 'Skins' Folder, If Users Would Like To Use 'Skins' With Kazaa #KLChat Build
    * Updated KLR (Add's Win 98/ME Support And Blocks IP's)
    * Removed Peer Guardian (KLR Does A Better Job)
    * Added Support For Win 98/ME
    * Added BannedIP Ranges Updater
    * Added The Latest PG IP Database
    * Package Is Now Called Kazaa #KLChat Build Full (To Coincide With The Release Of The 'Basic' Package)
    * eDexter Is Now A Componant Instead Of A Seperate Option at End
    * Added Some More Registry Keys
    * Package Now Promts To Re-Boot After Installation
    * Lots Of Minor Fixes
    * If present, loads kppaddon.dll from same folder as kazaa.exe

    Changes In RC5
    * Updated K-Toolbar
    * Added Aldo's Hosts Tool Manager
    * Added A Few More Buttons To K-toolbar
    * Changed Name Of Startmenu and Desktop Icons
    * Updated Terms and Conditions - PLEASE READ!
    * Updated Readme
    * Added Start Menu Shortcuts to Firewall Settings
    * Changed Start Menu Organisation
    * HOST File Is Now Optional
    * Added Alot more entries to HOST File
    * Added Information About Tools Included - See Info.txt
    * Added Config wizard
    * Fixed A Few General Bugs
    * Peer Guardian Now Autoloads With Kazaa #KLchat (Needs to be manually shutdown)
    * Changed Peer Guardian's Options - Shouldnt Lag Now on low end systems
    * Removed Kazaa begone from uninstaller

    Changes In RC4
    * Updated K-sig (To Build 1.2.3 Build 5)
    * Added Options Of What You Would Like To Install
    * Added #KLchat Client
    * Fixed A Few Inncorrect Registry Keys
    * Changed Install Directory
    * Updated PG IP Database
    * Re-Organised Start Menu
    * Added K-toolbar
    * Removed Kazaa Lite Cofig Wizard

    Changes In RC3
    * Updated PG IP Database
    * Updated Diet-K
    * Added KaZuperNodes
    * Reduced Size Of Diet-K By Romving Some Uneeded Spyware Uninstallers
    * Uninstaller Now Removes ALL Kazaa Registry Keys
    * Added Start-Menu Shotcut To Readme
    * Added KaNAT
    * Fixed Bug Where Two Dietk.exe's Were Created
    * Launch Kazaa #KLchat Build At End Of Installer Now Works
    * Fixed Bugs With Shortcuts
    * Changed Some Diet-K Options
    * Changed AVi Preview To AVi Preview+
    * Changed Some Registry Keys (Hopefully Will Speed Up Connection On 56k)
    * Fixed Alot Of General Problems

    Changes In RC2
    * Added Diet-k
    By including Diet K, you get:
    ::: Autosearch more
    ::: Speed Up Tool
    ::: Customizable Startpage
    ::: Use google websearch
    ::: Allows Hopping of Supernodes
    ::: Options to hide ad banner (like in k-gui hacker)
    * Updated PG IP Database
    * Removed Speed-up
    * Modified Hosts (No More Spyware Notices, now )

    Changes In RC1
    * Initial Public Release
    To Do Before Final:
    * New Startpage
    * Improve/ Add To
    * Custom User Config Wizard
    * New Icons
    * Reduce Size
    * Fix Bugs
    * New "About" Box
    * Built In Accelerator
    * Integrate "Gui Hacking" Features Into Khancer
    Last edited by isamma; 05-25-2005 at 10:52 PM. Reason: THE RELEASE OF K-Lite v2.7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1)
    *** FREE PALESTINE ***

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    the first thread was closed by the admin for reasons beyond my knowledge
    Here we go again.

    Read the last couple dozen posts in that topic again and maybe you will understand. Dev's corner is for serious development topics, it's not the lounge.

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    >Should be K-lite Version RC14c
    >Isamma cud ya plz put everyone's download mirrors in the forum B)

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    @ Rustafarian Monkey SEE FIRST POST AGAIN ,
    *** FREE PALESTINE ***

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    isamma, remove the links and direct users to the offical forums!

    I agree with Error403 the topic was close because everyone was flaming!

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    yeah the first topic contains all the needed information in the first post, so there's really know reason for another one

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    ok lite you are the developer ,I am merely helping

    so it is done B)

    @nsane the first topic by lite was closed by the admin if you don't know
    *** FREE PALESTINE ***

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    i know, but the first post is still there with a link to the development forum, where people need to post at any ways

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    That topic will eventually go off the list as there are no more posts being made in it

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    there's only 18 topics atm, the default view is 25 i think

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