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Thread: Norton Anti Virus 2004

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    Before i download it, i thought i read before about activating and i cant remember what was actually said. I thought if you did something wrong then you wouldnt be able to use or something like that

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    Before downloading it...i would do some futher research on NAV2004....there are alot of problems with it...ya i know some will say it"s great,but that is a small minority...i had it and removed it...bottom line it is shit...but that is only my opinion
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    Imho it's too much (resources & bloat) for too little (protection).

    I use a layed protection scheme. I use little programs that do specific things. Not bulky programs that try to do everything.

    My current protection is all freeware: Avast!4 home AV, Sygate personal firewall, SpywareBlaster, xp-AntiSpy, SpyBot S&D & ScripTrap. These little free programs stop virtually everything.

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    Norton SystemWorks 2004 doesn't need to be activated or anything. Not only does it include the AV, but other system applications such as WinDoctor, DiskDoctor etc...

    To the people who are bitching about the resources it uses, my AV is currently using 5MB of memory. 5MB! How much memory are you guys using???


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