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Thread: Play Movie Without Extracting The .tar

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    Man, my friend had this program which played movies that were in the .tar format. I forgot what the program was called.. and he's gone for the week. Does anyone else know what it is called. It was something like VM Movie Player.

    I was thinking it was VideoLan's VLC, but that's not it.

    Just in case your confused, this is what I mean.

    I have a .tar file, inside it are all the .r01,.r02, etc.

    I know how to extract everything and in the end use deamon tools to mount the image, but there is a program out there that just opens the .tar file and somehow puts the movie together for you.

    Anyone know which one this is?
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    wtf is with all these question on playing tar files they're not new and to my knowledge there is no player to play them
    you have to open them with winrar to extract the rar files
    then you have to open the rar files to get the mpeg or bin/cue
    but you do not have to mount anything to play the bin/cue
    videolan can play bin files without mounting it

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    Lightshow, when you find out what it's called, let me know please.


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