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Thread: Preview With Winamp

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    I have managed to make a preview with winamp on the k-lite extension tool menu, but how can i "enqueue in winamp" the same way????

    anyone know?

    edit: I have kazaa lite resurrection 0.0.6 (2.4.9) and KL extension 0.57a

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    i'm not sure what you mean boss, you mean when you hit an mp3 in klite you want winamp to play it??

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    yes, i have preview with -> and can choose theater... i have added winamp but want it to enqueue instead of playing it.

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    take the preview file and open it with Winamp... simple. when its associated with winamp, right click the file and click enque in winamp.

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    in options>klite extensions options>interface>here choose "shell open"

    then go to the file that you want to open with winamp, right click the file, choose properties, then where it says "choose" hit that and choose winamp to open with, hit apply, hit ok, and you should be good to go.

    you will need to do the right click with every file type you want to open winamp with or you can go to folder opions and set the file associations there


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