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Thread: Mpeg Unwanted Embedded Code

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    I have downloaded a couple of mpeg files, that when played want to start internet explorer. Is there any way of viewing or removing the bit of responsible code. I expect adaware will stop it connecting. Is this the work of clever programmers or is there a program to do this or even reverse it. Thanks for any help or comments.

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    is it when you click the movie it try to open IE
    have you tryed opening it form wmp or videolan

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    i very much doubt its code, i am sure that its because IE must assoaciate mpegs with its self for some reson, to fix this right ckick on an mpeg an click open with, choose the program you want to start mpegs with and tick the always open with box , this should fix it

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    Thanks for the suggestions. All my other mpeg downloads work with wmp its just the two files that are responsible (so i don,t think it has anything to do with associtions).IE kicks after about 5 seconds viewing, wmp file is still playing when I close IE. I haven't tried videolan to view them yet.

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    i have this problem but only with porn movies hmmmm intresting.....sid everyone looks at porn dont be shy to say it.
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    Originally posted by Kesta@22 February 2004 - 11:55
    i have this problem but only with porn movies hmmmm intresting.....sid everyone looks at porn dont be shy to say it.
    Tri disabling this mate

    at the top of an ie window .tools .internet options ,advanced ,play video in webpages.

    never meant to quote ,just hit the wrong button

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    OK fair cop it is porn !
    Thanks ck-uk, I tried your tips but it still wants to start IE.
    I have just tried them with Videolan and they played without a problem. Still curious as to why and how though. Any other suggestions welcomed. Cheers.

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    i'm pretty sure it is code in the comments section that launches IE when played.
    if it's the same as mpeg audio (.mp3) exploit
    winamp came out with a "fix" so people wouldn't be redirected to websites that try to "hack" your PC
    i think it was version 2.72 that had the fix

    how the code works:
    it has something like ^/ in the comments section of the ID3 tag, the actual "trigger" i think is ^/ or ~/
    i forget


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