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Thread: Windows Xp

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    This morning , I decided to look for a new background. One thing lead to another , and now I have objectdock installed , customized the mouse cursors and redone all my folders to be more "streamlined" .

    Thing is , something's missing - the menu's are too bright (standard XP silver). Now I'm looking for an easy , idiot-proof way to "darken" the menu's (startbar , toolbars) to a darkish grey , preferably without installing new software (though I think I'll have to do that anyway).

    I don't want to change anything besides that colour. Anyone have any ideas ?

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    XP uses "skins" or bitmap images for it's GUI. The only known way of editing these images, for the default Luna theme, would be to use editing software such as ResBuilder or StyleBuilder by TGT Soft and then overwrite the orignals with the files you edit. You would also obviously need decent image editing software such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop as well. And even if you used StyleBuilder or ResBuilder, I believe you would also need StyleXP installed just to get it to all work.

    My own opinion: patch your system with the UXtheme.dll or just use StyleXP and download a visual style you like. Otherwise consider yourself just plain "stuck" with what Luna has to offer.

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    Agreed. I used Stardock's software for a while before converting to Style XP. Excellent themes available at ThemeXP. You can check out my personal theme by clicking on 'My Desktop' under my sig.

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    I guess a little slider to choose any colour of the rainbow was too much of a challenge to integrate...

    I'm downloading StyleXP now. Hope I can find what I need.

    Thanks for the info.


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