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Thread: Winamp Deskband 1.0 Rc2

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    Winamp Deskband 1.0 RC2
    Beta Version
    User Rating: 4.0/5
    Author: Tim Heesters
    Program Type: Freeware


    Winamp Deskband is a toolbar docked to the taskbar that is fully configurable and fully skinnable. It comes with a built-in sleeptimer and playlist resumer. It also supports system-wide hotkeys for almost everything. Furthermore, it supports multiple languages and it allows you to play your bookmarked files without clearing your playlist. It can be used to control Winamp 2.x and Winamp 3.0 and even Windows Media Player.

    Changes in Current Version:
    Added: Time elapsed/remaining/System time option in config
    Added: Swedish, Russian and German language files
    Added: Fully functional Fullscreen button in winamp 2.9+ (Toggles fullscreen while playing a video)
    Added: An option to disable font shadows in the title scroller / time display
    Fixed: The "track scroller/time display ugly white borders"-bug under Windows XP Using a visual style
    Fixed: save and use font size for idle'while inactive' display
    Fixed: Bugs concerning Switching from mediaplayer
    Fixed: Prevented OSD (Tooltips) from appearing in Task Manager
    Fixed: Show Title broken for other deskbands
    Numerous other small tweaks and fixes..

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    Yet to be determined
    Does it support Winamp v5?

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    Very nice! I was looking for something like this!
    Thanks Shared
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    Firstly, nice post. But isn't this another way of viewing Winamp very much like Windowshade mode?


    Here's a quote from someone on the link posted...

    Version Reviewed: 1.0 RC1
    Reviewed by: DiGiTaLFX
    Date: December 27th, 2003 5:26 AM

    This is a great little program. I used it all the time when I had winamp2 (despite my friends telling me just to make WA always on top and then in 'bar' mode). However with arrival of winamp5 it has lost its use for me. Winamp5 has the Nullsoft Tray Control now, which does the same basic job as this does (does ne1 actually use more than play/pause, last and next?)

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    >>>(does ne1 actually use more than play/pause, last and next?)>>>

    I like the Milkdrop winamp 5 visualization.

    I like to use winamp 5 skins that have a separate search window for artist biography and album info and cover art.

    And of course, tweaking software is fun. (^:



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