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Thread: Dissappearing Movie Files

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    I've got a problem that just started. When a movie file finishes downloading on kazaa it doesn't stay in my kazaa folder and then show up on my HD as a Movie clip (like it used too), it now dissappears from kazaa completely and only shows as a DAT file when I search for it in my shared folder. The DAT file without the title and the LOOONG number is just too annoying to have to reference. Why do the movie files stay DAT files when they finish?

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    have u searched the entire hard disk?
    does the directory still exist?
    did u move ur downloads to a new directory recently?

    sometimes, it can be that the downloads are saved to a directory that does not exist anymore (all dat files store the destination directory location)

    chances are, if u still have the original dat file, ur safe, otherwise, i fear that the download is gone

    one way to find out, open K-Dat, check every file listing to see the directory location entries
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    It normally happens mate if you've changed the path of the download.Just rename the dat files manually to complete them.,and they'll be ok.

    Open a window ,at the top ,goto tools ,folder options,view ,then remove a tick from hide know file extension to rename them.You can place the tick back then if you dont like extensions viewable.


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