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Thread: Damn, I Hate Those

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    damn it!! something just happened, i was downloading with like 4 shadow client windows running at the same time, and while i was searching through stuff on my computer, i got a pop up message saying that my internet explorer made an illegal operation and was forced to shut down, so i clicked okay, and my whole windows interface disappeard......i waited for like 30 minutes for it to come back but it didn't , so i did the ctrl+alt+del thing and i restarted it, but before restarting, each of my bittorent windows came up for each downloading file and it kept saying that it made an "illegal operation" and will be terminated, each one of them said that ,

    so i was wondering, when that type of stuff happens, does that damage or jack up your files (whether it's scanned pictures or video clips) or is it okay to start off from that to continue downloading?

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    it shouldnt. what version of windows are you running because in 2000 and xp you could of just reopened explorer in the task manager

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    Mate when things like this happen and explorer crashing its normaly because you're doing to much ,like running a lot of programs and still clicking awy as if you still have all the resources free..Either slow things down and give things a chance to run and complete what they're doing.You could also try another client where you can download all your torrents under one.

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    hm.i'm using windows 2000..i can't locate how to reopen the explorer interface though...but yeah, i know, i guess i need more memory or something.i guess 256mb isnt' enough.....but those shadow client windows take up that much memory or something? i notice my explorer.exe only crashes frequently from this thing....

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    Try ABC it contains the Shadows core a puts all your downloads in one window

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