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Thread: Sound Card

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    what would happen if i connect 9 speakers and 2 subwoofers to a 7.1 hercules fortissimo 3

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    What are you expecting to happen?!
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    im guerssing music would come out of the speakers and you would be unhappy becuase you were expecting something else.

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    i was thinking i would fry my sound card

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    No it wouldn't.
    Your speaker systems are externally powered.
    Your sound card is merely providing a signal which the speaker's amp then works with.

    The sound card has no idea, and couldn't care less, how many speakers you hook to it.
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    omg why would you bother, get a real surround system and watch it on a tv lol, much better picture , besides how many movies are in 7.1 ? not many at all, ( except a few in the usa ) , like most of the world we are lucky to get 6.1 movies

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    speaking of which:

    anyone have the latest issue of maximumPC? they reviewed a speakerset from an almost unknown company, and they sed it was comparable to one of their "kickass products"...

    until both the satellites blew a fuse and literally started to smoke. the error wasnt a defect either! it was with ALL speakers from the brand!

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    Maximum PC hasnt sent me 3 magazines in a row, I have to keep calling them...I dont know whats up lol
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