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Thread: Formatting Cdr For Vcd

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    I just got kazaa for downloading movies. How would I format a cdr to accept a vcd file. I have adaptec that fires up when a new cdr is installed and asks if I want to make it an audio cd or data cd. Which one would I want?

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    If U want to put movies on the CD, the Data CD mode works fine (there isin't really a big diffrence between the two...). So just choose data CD and burn the file. B)

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    If you want to make a VCD it's a little more complicated (that is assuming that you want to play it on a DVD player).
    You'll find the topic in the FAQ.
    I would also suggest that you get better cd-writing software. I would recommend Nero or Discjuggler. You will have no trouble finding either of them on Kazaa.

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    I'm not shure a CDRW is a good cd too write movies on?

    But maybe they fixed the problem with the newer DVD players.

    About Burning tho movie.
    Use Nero. Start Nero click Video-CD and NEW

    Select your movie, drag it to the new window on the left.... and it go's!

    It makes a VCD of it playable on your DVD player.
    But a far as i know just MPG/MPEG files... AVI files will end up to big!

    Just check this forum about Burning Movie CD's..

    Good Luck!

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    Hers a couple of sites with alot of info on VCD & SVCD...



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    yeah well heres one thing when making a vcd from a mpg or avi file it has to do special encoding which usually takes 4-6 hours with nero which they would round up to 5.6 or 6.0 already. but anyways usually unless you have lets say a infinity 870 mb disc and a supporter over burn cd rw drive you need two discs which means u should split the file into two pretty equal parts. and about the riaa they need to mind their damn business napster and scour were the shiznit and they made both die. winmx is pretty sweet its a less popular one but its awesome if you have better then 56k which i used to have and it would take forever now i just got optimum online which is fast as hell. anyways if u want to do a super video cd which requires more cds go to make new cd video cd close wizard then on the left ull see super video cd.

    and im pretty sure winmx or directconnect or edonkey is @???

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    EMule, Directconnect and WinMX are on different networks. They can't be @???.
    If the file is already an .mpg, it doesn't need to be converted/encoded again in Nero. But it takes you 4-6 hours to encode? You should try getting more RAM or a new computer. With regular encoding, it should be less but for highest quality, it should take about 5 hours. Well for me anyway, but all computers are different so yea...

    Just follow the guides at (formerly known as vcdhelp) and you'll be alright. Anymore problems, just post them here.


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