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Thread: Distorting The Rules

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    Feb 2004
    With all due respect and I ask this in a genuine way.

    What does distorting the rules mean ? The rules are there to be read, how were they "distorted"?

    Was it in such a way as to justify deleting a thread, which doesn't happen often here. I read the thread in question and it broke no rule I could see.

    You are out of order indiscriminately deleting it, on a whim. Please explain, if there is something more to it.

    I would love to link to the original, but it was deleted.

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    7thElephant was telling people that it's ok to promote a freinds website or forum here. It's not ok and to use a membername and avatar very similar to 7thElement will cause some people to misinterpret to rules. So in effect distorting them.

    Also if you have a problem with my actions then discuss it with the team via PM.

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    As explained before...

    We dont really mind you "taking the piss" of 7thElement's nick, however we have to draw the line if that is in conjunction with commenting on Rules.

    Some people will get confused, and think the Admin are saying this.

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will


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