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    Hope this is the appropriate list to post on!

    I have Win 2000 on this PC, and I only had a Maxtor 20gig HDD... when I got ADSL and started using KL it was apparent that this wasn't even anywhere near sufficient!

    So I robbed a different PC of a Seagate 40 gig, which is now my slave (heh&#33. But here is the strange thing - the new drive is constantly accessed: during startup, shut-down, opening progs, etc.

    I know this because the Maxtor (master) drive is super-quiet, and you could never hear it, whereas the Seagate (whilst it isn't noisy as such) does make its presence known audibly, chuntering away. But why does it chunter so much?! The drive is completely blank, by the way, with an NTFS partition. The only folder on there is 'RECYCLER'.

    I thought that it might be the 'indexing service' or something like that, but surely it wouldn't need to use the drive that much?

    Anyway, if anyone had any thoughts or anything, they would be much appreciated! Cheers!

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    If you let windows handle the virtual memory (paging on the HD) it would look for alternatives in case the first one is full (or almost full).
    It's possibly using the new drive for the swap file.

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    thanks for that!

    I'm not sure that it could be that though...

    Today I have been moving loads of files to the new drive. Now my C: has 14.5gig free and my new D: has 20.4gig free (so I guess I told a white-lie when I said that the new disk was empty, but I WAS having this weird problem before I ever started filling it).

    The only data on the new drive is Install sets for apps, media and some misc stuff - no programs or anything.

    I have unchecked the "hide protected operating system files" box in Explorer, but it shows no Pagefile - just the Recycle bin.

    But thank you for the suggestions!

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    To make sure that this is not causing it you could set the virtual memory settings yourself (I don't think the swap file shows up as a system file).
    Go to System/Advanced/Virtual memory and force it to stay on the C:/ drive. You have to reboot after that.
    Even if the old drive isn't full anymore, Windows tries to optimize for maximum performance. So if your new drive is faster than the old one, and you let Windows decide where to page, it might go for the faster drive.

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    Just a bit off the subject, I just bought a new western digital 120gb

    When i look at the properties of the drive, it shows that it only hold 111gb

    Its the same with my main hdd, as its supposed to be 60gb but only shows that the max it can hold is 57.5gb in the properties...

    Why does this happen, because i am "missing" 10gb somewhere, any1 know how i can reclaim this wasted space "back"?

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    M|k0r : HD manufacturers call 1000 bytes a kB, whereas the OS counts 1024 bytes in a kB. So your OS displays a lower capacity in kB, but its still the same no. of bytes!


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