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Thread: Avi Preview And Loss Of Files

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    ok this has happened to me a few times now and i wonder if anyone else has had similar

    i had a few movies downloading and my d/l was maxed out so i thought i would watch a bit of one of the d/l with avi preview

    one of the movies i was downloading had about 50 meg to go so i thought np

    was watchin the movie with avi preview and all of a sudden me pc locks up

    had to restart and when i did and restarted kazaa i noticed that the movie that had finished ( i presume ) had dissapeared???

    now im pretty good at comp stuff, but i couldnt find that file anywhere, even used all sorts of get back restore tools ect to no avail

    so it seems that a bug in the avi preview window has something to do with it maybe

    cant tell u more than that as it hard locked up and debug didnt drop a file for me to figure out why

    windows xp, 3 gig ram , saphire 9800xt, pent 2.8

    maybe someone knows a fix , thanks

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    crashes, lockups, and etc. corrupt the dat file and klite will delete the corrupt files.

    you should always backup your dat files incase of such events


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