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    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiya, I think my kazaa-lite k++, is going crazy...
    1st: this stupid thing says i'm not sharing any files, even though It says I'm
    connected, What's up with that???? I check to make sure that my settings are
    correct and that in fact i'm sharing files.. I can download even, but it still says
    that i'm not sharing files... but get this, thats not the worse part of the whole
    thing , I went to my kazaa lite k++ ( you know the icon on the browser)
    A day ago I was download a song (something by the cure i think) anyway
    I lost the file , i didn't think much of it and went to work, well yesterday I found that my kazaa went crazy and there is a bunch of files in the 10's of thousands
    when i got to all files , growing also which is wierd, I have no music files of course
    but tons of other shit!!!! Sombody please help me!!!!!!!! I think It might have
    been when i tried to download realPlayer to watch a skit of the dave chappell show
    ... well it turned all my download mp3 to real audio files, well I guess the thing about charging for the song kinda scared me, and i deleted the real player, and
    everything form that point has gone to the my kazaa lite k++ icon for that point
    on, it freezes everytime i go there :{ what should I do and HOw should i go about fixing everything ... I stuck and have run out of things to try....

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    dude information overload lets take it one by one are you saying your files are missing or there are a bunch of files in there that you did not have??

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    I think he is saying both, but If he has files in there he did not download, Then he probably has a virus.

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    1 virus scan
    2 associate mp3 with whatever player you want
    3 make sure your putting files into your "my shared folder" along with the files you WANT to share


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