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Thread: Kazaa Lite Windows Error

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    This problem started all of a sudden yesterday. When I load kazaa lite (2.4.3) and as soon as it has connected to the server it gives a windows error (this program has caused an error and has to be closed) and quits. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but that doesn't help. Older versions won't connect at all.

    Any idea how to solve this problem?

    Many thanks!

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    looks like you may have a corrupt file in your shared folder, temporarly move all your files from you shared folder and then try to start klite again. If it works then you know one of your downloads is bad. Try moving a few back at a time and restart klite. When it fails you know which file it is.

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    the same thing happened to my mate

    he deleted the shared folder which is installed with the program

    and made his own folder for sharing, he says he hasnt got 1 error since

    i hope thisin any way helps
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    Thank you!! That worked indeed. Removed all files and no error!

    Thanks again!

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    also update to 2.4.4 you can get it here


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