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Thread: People Dont Share Kazaa Lite

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    Hi Everyone....

    I have been usen Kazaa lite for a long time and it seems that NO ONE REALY SHARE.. I fill that if i take the time to Encode DVDs to AVI with the latest Clear movies to the "P2P Community" I Fill at least 70% should do the same. The arage person that uploads from me dont SHARE....?SO HOW CAN THIS P2P SHI% Work?...WOW if noone shares what would be the need for P2P. I gust I will just stop my upload to anyone i see that dont SHARE, DAME thats a lot of uploads to stop.

    THANX ...
    Had to get that off my chest

    One more thing ...have anyone tryed WINMX..

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    how can you tell if somebody is sharing or not??

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    Don't stop sharing, just cos you can't see their files doesn't mean they ain't sharing, they've probably ticked the box to stop people seeing what they've got cos they're scared of all this legal crap that's going on at the mo.

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    Those with the most to share could very well be looking like they have nothing to share. How? Well, on my client theres an option to not allow anyone to see what files I am sharing. Huh? Go figure, eh?

    DOH! :rtfm:

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    just use's way better den kazaa or any other p2p software out there.
    downloads are fast and reliable...dat doesn't mean dat u don't have to share...u still have to share but its way better than kazaa..

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