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Thread: Suprnova Is Scam

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    I was doing some browsing today when I stumbled on suprnova.
    One thing cought my attention: Most of the torrents are on 2 main
    The first one is the main server that connects a user to mirrors, theres nothing
    special about this one ( =
    But the second server is where they run the scams
    and here is the proof:
    Go to the second server
    As you can see there's nothing unusual about it but look closer,
    remove the last part /list_news.html and replace it with anything you like
    When doing so you'll see an error page that says page not found
    now when you look at the bottum of that page you can see
    Apache Server at
    SUPRNOVA.COM go there and check out the scam thats called

    (Forgive my bad english)

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    I think they just made the to get lots of webhits. I know ive typed in ocom instead of org plenty of times.
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    who cares why does it matter?

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    Yeah mate money makes the world go round.

    When was the last time you was charged for a file.If some ppl do get sucked into paying for something,,they should reasearch more.And they're still getting better than retail.,

    Hey freak.

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    Darth Sushi's Avatar Sushi Lord
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    Then don't go to dot com. Goto dot org instead. Problem solved!

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    Originally posted by Darth Sushi@24 February 2004 - 08:43
    Then don't go to dot com. Goto dot org instead. Problem solved!
    Yes but is being hosted on the same server as so that suggest someones taking advantage of newbs....

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    QazQaz007's Avatar I got your Newcomer
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    do you think that THIS would have anything to
    do with it?

  9. BitTorrent   -   #9 = Somewhere around Seattle
    alleged Somewhere around Chicago = in Germany whois:
    registrant contact data
    ********* ******* ****
    Christian Chena
    Christian Chena
    1 de marzo 368 casi Felicidad
    Lambare, Central, 000000
    PY whois:
    Registrant Nameeter Presmatti
    Registrant Organization:Suprnova
    Registrant Street1:102 Nova Slovana
    Registrant City:Slovana
    Registrant Postal Code:6405`
    Registrant Country:SI

    2 conclusions: isn't on the same server as and the guys behind .com and .org are not the same they're not even on the same continent.

    Suprnova uses a system of mirrors and you found one that has been hastily setup and called .com instead of .org.
    The fact that you can see the Apache page at all suggests that it was a fast job.
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    Hey ck-uk hows everything been going on your side?

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