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Thread: K-lite Problem

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    I recently reinstalled my windows 2000, and when i downloaded and installed k-lite it looked and acted weird. When i try to put a .dat file(studio MX 2004) in becuz i was donwnloading a big file and wanted a backup, i left the download on and it was done but it dissapeard from k++ program(2.43) and i went into my shared folder and it was complete but it was still a .dat file and not an application. And, it look weird cuz the toolbar with the media control buttons are a repeated "play" sybol and the "back, forword" and "resume, pause and cancel" buttons are blank black symbols. and when i try to skin kazaa the program runs REALLY slow and my mouse blinks as i move it. can anyone help?

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    right click your file and give the exctension its suppose to be make sure the skin is compatable


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