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Thread: Media Players

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    what is the best media player for playing ripped dvd movies? I have divx pro and media player 9, media player 9 sucks.
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    you should have Mplayer2.exe on your PC (WMP v6.4)

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    bsplayer or video lan are both great,

    bs player allows you to veiw full screen and i mean without black lines just about anything

    videolan can read just about any file type , even dat files eg partial downloads

    you can also use powerdvd in file mode too

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    powerdvd xp4 far the best for avi-dvdrips,i use it for mpeg2 aswell.

    Mpclassic for mpeg 1.Powerdvd disables hardware from my card for mp1 for some reason.Windvd's fine it just crashes all the time.

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    i have found videolan is best for all my viewing needs. it is also easy to adjust the contrast/brightness, which is important for me


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