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Thread: Very Serious Virus Alarm In Overnet Lite

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    Just did an update and got this notification!!!!!
    This is very serious!
    It means that overnet lite has a virus inside. I removed it and installed it again and the virus is in the installer. It is a new virus and i think it has been set there on purpose!

    Scan type: Realtime Protection Scan
    Event: Virus Found!
    Virus name: Backdoor.Blarul
    File: C:\Program Files\Overnet Lite\overnet.exe
    Location: C:\Program Files\Overnet Lite
    Computer: NONE
    User: SUPERMAN
    Action taken: Clean failed : Quarantine failed : Access denied
    Date found: dinsdag 24 februari 2004 9:54:46

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    lol this is a false reading that systematic and norton only show no body else with any other kind of av finds this.

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    You sure? I was shocked when i read the warning. Anyway, when I think about it you must be right....I will keep on using it!

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    yes watch every body with sytematic and norton will start this same topic once they update their defenitions.

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    Haven't start new topic though but same thing happened to me. Virus inside install file for overnet??? Strange thing is that i used overnetlite for 2 weeks and there was no warnings about any virus. Woke up this morning and found virus warning(before checking this forum) so i uninstalled and delited program
    Now, can somebody tell me where to d.loadid again??

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    everything fixed again! Thanx M-man!
    Just a peace of hard-learned advice for those who do some mistake as me: you will have to disable norton av before you install (again) overnetlite becouse once av detected so-called virus-it will not let you install overnet again. Automaticly erasing exe file all the time. So disable av, install ov.-lite and then put exclusion in av program for overnet and put norton beck.
    sounds like work but it's fun

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    well done boss


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