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Thread: Need Dos Video Drivers For Vmware

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    I have installed DOS V7.10 and its bloody great!

    I tried to install a gui for dos but when i try run it, it sais i need vga graphics drivers.

    I booted up my windows xp vmware to check what video card it uses and it sais its a vmware svga II 16mb.

    Would anyone know if i can download dos drivers for this ??

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    i highly doubt it, why are you running dos anyway?

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    Originally posted by ROSSCO_2004@24 February 2004 - 20:59
    i highly doubt it, why are you running dos anyway?
    Lots of people still use dos. I suppose they have their reasons.


    @Evil Gemini, have you installed vmware tools?

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    @Evil Gemini, have you installed vmware tools?

    They arent supported for DOS

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    I think it's a Rage 2 emulated card. will have those.

    If that doesn't work, VMware does have pretty good documentation on their site.

    There's another emulator that might support Dos a bit better, twoOStwo from NetSys GmbH. It fully supports OS2/warp and some other older OS's so it should do Dos OK too.

    It runs as well as or maybe even better than VMware once you figure it out.

    Serials via emule

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    Thanks balamm, when i get home i will downlod drivers for the rage card

    I will try out the other emu's too.

    BTW, have you tried out Bochs ??

    Its like vmware but you can use different bios and shit like that.


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