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Thread: A Little Help Please

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    Just got halo from mirc and after I unpacked and joined the files together I am left with just one large file. At a loss here and have no idea what to do next with this file, since it has no file extension. File name is flt-halo and if it helps the whole RAR file name is Halo_Combat_Evolved-FLT. Thanks in advance!

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    try to open it with winRAR if it didnt work try any iso browser like winISO or UltraISO .. try renaming it exe it might be self extracting to
    good luck

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    its weird I got the same thing and its weird cause usually from a .tar file it goes into a .rar and then u extract .bin and .cue files but htis one went to unknown file extensions right after .tar, gonna try some of the stuff suggested though


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