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Thread: Software To Play Dvd

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    I'm a user ok Klite Mega Codec Pack, so I have the Cyberlink DVD decoder, but I don't know which program use to play DVD : should I use PowerDVD, or, as I have the Cyberlink DVD decoder, can I use another program, compatible with this codec ?


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    I use WinDVd or WMP9 or VideoLAN..
    Any of those will work with the codec pack/decoder you have

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    I prefer Cyberlink PowerDVD

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    Originally posted by {I}{K}{E}@26 February 2004 - 03:57
    I prefer Cyberlink PowerDVD
    Same here. When I got my first DVD drive several years ago, I tried all the popular players and found PowerDVD to be the best. In fact I actually bought version 3.0 (this was before Kazaa), and I still use that same version today. And I'm still more than happy with it.

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    Originally posted by {I}{K}{E}@26 February 2004 - 04:57
    I prefer Cyberlink PowerDVD
    Yes I use PowerDVD 5, just because it came in a bundle w/ my HIS 9600XT card, but I havn't had any problems or complaints at all about it, it's good software
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    I use PowerDVD (on this compputer), but it not as good as the recent versions of windvd.

    Powerdvd doesnt automatically play the whole movie (from hard drive) when you double click the ifo file. Instead you have to load it from the interface, or play one vob file at a time.

    Windvd is much more convenient. The only raeson i don't use it (on this computer)is because i have WINDVDR installed, which would be blocked if i installed windvd because it has a blacklisted serial.

    EDIT: OOPs, forgot to mention i have version 4 installed of powerdvd.

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    VideoLAN on my Linux box. Nothing needs to be said about this program.


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