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Thread: T3full.mpg

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    Today I noticed that there was a file in my upload list I had never seen before.

    Somebody was dling the a file with the filename and title t3full.mpg 30500 kb approx. I dl the 2 disc svcd months ago so I dont have any explaination for a file this size.

    I did a search on my hd and there is no listing for the file on my PC. Is this something to be worried about.


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    30500 kb

    You have an partition level cheat or something installed?

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    "you have a partition level cheat"

    what's that? how do i get rid of it?

    Please and thanks

    I don't think that anything installed could account for that. Recently my cousin who has his PC hooked up to my broadband via Sygate had to remove a virus but that was from his pc and our pc's arn't networked together they only share a connection.

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    did you run av and adaware to make sure your pc is clean??

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    yeah but I use spybot, I'll give adaware a try.
    I've got norton and avg installed for av.


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    Delete EVERYTHING in your C:\WINDOW\TEMP folder -- it should be empty on windows boot-up. Any files that remain in there and CANNOT be deleted are very often hostile viruses/trojans.

    Viruses/trojans also lurk in the C:\ and C:\WINDOWS and C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folders. Sort by date -- anything really new and strangely named are often trouble.

    Lastly, if you know a lot about your computer's setup, use Start,RUN, MSCONFIG -- and look at the startup tab (far right one) under it. These are programs that load when windows boots. MOST viruses and trojans have their loaders here.

    Antivirus software, even when up-to-date, is often days to weeks out-of-date when it comes to what appears on file-sharing networks. Some AV companies (AntiVir, F-secure, Trend Micro Antivirus) are better than others (Mcafee and Norton) about updating file-sharing specific virus detection and removal entries to their software.

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