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Thread: First Paragraph Most Important

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    If i am to read or buy any book i always read the first paragraph
    if it dont dont
    if it does i read it

    you agree?

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    No not really, a first paragraph is not necessarily the essence of the whole book whether in theme or style.

    For instance some books, I need to read 20 pages or a few chapters and then realise while partially interested dont believe the time spent will be well spent. Likewise some books I only read the 'interesting parts'. So it all depends.

    And if you happen to be reading philosophy the first paragraph may well be the most interesting (or readable) part whereas the remainder will be an exercise in masochism.

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    I hate starting a book and then not finishing it.

    I know whether I'm going to enjoy a book or merely tolerate it by the end of the first chapter, usually.
    It'd have to suck pretty badly for me to abandon reading after only 1 chapter though.

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    I find I open it at a random page and read some dialogue. Its usually fairly easy to tell if its well written or not. But like the above, it'd have to be pretty hideous for me to stop reading in the middle of the book.

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    Found some first google Paragraphs(sentences)
    i would read the first and ray bradbury just for its start - the bible has sensational start maybe would read it if it was just a novel... (have read it)- the jane austen i was forced to read and (i reallly dislike her-even though shes into female freedom-its supposed to be the "best" intro to a book...)

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    I usally read the summary, if the summary is good then I read it
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!


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