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Thread: Plsss I Need Help [only For Expertz]

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    hi ppl

    i got one of the site that has some movies but the movies are splited into *.rar files each file is about 19 MB but i dont know how to put it togather can u help me pls andf some times the files are named like this *.r01 ...etc and here is a sample:

    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r00 08-Jan-2004 20:17 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r01 08-Jan-2004 20:18 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r02 08-Jan-2004 20:18 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r03 08-Jan-2004 20:18 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r04 08-Jan-2004 20:19 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r05 08-Jan-2004 20:19 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r06 08-Jan-2004 20:19 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r07 08-Jan-2004 20:19 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r08 08-Jan-2004 20:20 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r09 08-Jan-2004 20:20 14.3M
    pnd-svcd-bdth1.r10 08-Jan-2004 20:20 14.3M
    . PLEASE

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    Well install winrar and click on the lowest numbered file r00 this will open an other window which will have a bin and que file in it, you extract those and you can either burn them to cd, mount them on a virtual drive using daemon tools or play with videolan

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    and stop spamming your questions , 1 post will do thanks

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    beleive me guys u r the best forum on earth ...... and delphin460 sorry for that


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