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Thread: Cleartweak

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    ClearTweak allows you to change the contrast setting of the ClearType setting for Windows XP.

    ClearType is designed to enhance LCD displays. It may appear slightly blurry on standard desktop monitors. It does not hurt to try ClearTweak on a CRT monitor. Even though ClearType is designed for LCD's, some people see an improvement on CRT's.

    ClearTweak Requires Windows XP or later versions of Windows that support the Microsoft ClearType Technology.

    To use ClearType, you must have a video adapter and monitor that support a color setting of at least 256 colors. Best results are achieved with High color (24-bit) or Highest color (32-bit) support.

    Q - Do I need to run Clear Tweak at Startup to maintain the settings?

    A - No. There is no need to re-run or run the program at start-up. The Startup option is for people that my have the need to turn it off or on frequently for certain reasons, like graphics programs when working with text in images.

    ClearTweak is FREEWARE. @
    I like it better than ClearType.

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    why is everyone now putting links as codes?

    have i missed somethiing?

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    Livy, I do it out of habit. I belong to some other sites (blaspheme I know lol). They don't allow live links. That's why. Impo I think it's better for the security of the site.


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