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Thread: Intresting New Korn Video.

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    a well

    B) Hmm nice video. A strong case against mainstream music.
    • "One Corporation owns the 5 Major Music Channels in the U.S."

      "Last Year, the 5 Major Record Labels Made about $25 Billion in Profits."

      "90% of Releases on Major Labels Do Not Make a Profit"

      "The Music Industry Releases 100 Songs Per Week. Only 4 Songs Are Added to the Radio Playlist Each Week"

      "Two Radio Conglomerates Control 42% of Listeners"

      Hit songs on Top 40 radio Stations are played over 100 times a week.

      Most hit songs get to "The Hook" in 20 seconds.

    I love it. I just dont get how a grainy video of a bunch of people trashing a music store could cost $150,000? If the cd cases were real cd cases and not just empty ones then that would explain it.

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    Didn't see the video yet, maybe later...

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    Its a good video...but even if the cd cases are empty they have to pay for more when they need to use more also The lighting, the extra's the camera men, the graphics in the i guess it wud pretty much add up right

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    hahaa... say 'suck that' ... now that sounds pretty stupid compared to the real song


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