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    is it just me(ontario canada)or can no one get to boxtorrent.i've been trying since 2:56 pm yesterday to no avail at all.have several large torrents going (5.9/6.4/1.65/10.4) gigs. most are 3/4 to 9/10ths done. plus i was seeding a couple of big ones(4.87/
    5.44gigs) all of it is anime.

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    I can't access boxtorrents either. I've noticed it being inaccessible once in a while recently, its been down for a long while this time though.

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    [some]a-holes were ddosing and [the]guy who was hosting the site for me sed "ive had enough, i dont need this hassel" i was given 2 weeks to pack up and get off. about 12 hours after that warning everything went bellyup. site went off. i was told something about the guy having to remove hix box from the connection.

    at this moment, theres no backup, but the data still is on that pc, whereever the fk it is. a couple of ppl have donated money to help get a new server (and they were quite generous i might add, $100 from 1 guy and 'lucky' $13 from the other)
    in around 3 months time we have a server lined up (a quad athlon mp 2800+ with 16gig ram and 9.5tB hd space. talk about overkill&#33 that a lovely kind user is going to let us put the site on

    if anyone knows of anywhere that will host a bittorrent tracker like mine please tell me. theres an irc server a bunch of us use at and channel #boxtorrents

    ps sorry about this >_<
    Box of Boxtorrents

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