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Thread: Nero

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    is nero the best software for burn disk's, and which is the most up to date version

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    Guest has the latest version, you will need a serial # after your 30 day trail

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    ok thats cool, right i have nero 6 on my pc, i dont know how its got here, but its here. now the thing is there are no short cuts or anything in my start menu, so i want to know how i can make it as if it was installed and automatically put the short cuts in my start menu, i mena i can put them individually but i want the shortcuts put into submenus aswell. i have looked to see if can can reinstall it again but i couldnt find setup.exe. i hope you understand what im trying to say

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    do you have a Nero CD. if not download the latest version from the web site then uninstall the version that is installed via add/remove programs then install it again

    you will need to find the serial

    Edit: I PM'd you the serial
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    thank you obiwan, i will do that all now. and thanks for the PM

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    Originally posted by the mask@25 February 2004 - 18:39
    is nero the best software for burn disk's,
    I use nero all the time but one of my friends who burns disks for a living (so they have to precise every time) uses recordmax now, which in his opinion is the best.

    I've used it before but didnt like the interface, its less user friendly and quite confusing to someone new to it when it comes to dvd burning.


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