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Thread: Upgrade On P2p Programs?

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    If i download something like a game or program, and unpack it after install, so its all there, does that then mean i cannot put updates and pathes on? I got no one lives forever, it installs in a folder called neo in my programs, but when i go to run the official patch, it says "no one lives forever can be found". And other things too, like deus ex (I paid full price for it when it first came out, im not paying for it again because of wear and tear&#33, will i be able to run mods/up date patches on the downloaded game?

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    You downloaded a RIP this means some music/video/other crap files were taken out of the game to make its file size smaller. If you download a full game in Cd image form trhen yes you will be able to add patches and mods but not on a game which has been RIPPED

    Peerzyboy B)


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