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    has anybody sucessfully hacked/cracked directv???? with or without hu devices..i would appreciate any assistance...also can i hook my modem up to the box and use it access the net...i read somewhere that u can do that

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    This is "About our website and this Forum".

    Go to Hardwareworld or Softwareworld,they might be able to help.

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    sorry about that....thanks for the advice

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    I use ExtremeHU 3.5a and a loader my parents' friend gave us. It's a b*tch to find valid bin's though! Damn that Dave! (not referring to the various Dave's here)
    check out:

    Just in case a MOD is going to edit out this post or something, don't! I'm just giving sites where you can learn and test various techniques on using EEPROM that relates with Satellite and DirectTV.

    Not sure about doing the modem thing though


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