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Thread: Screen Jumps While Searching

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    iam sorry if this has already been posted but i havent seen it eny where.while searching the screen jumps.and its not just in kazaa i can be in explorer or some where else and the screen still jumps iam using kazaalite resurrection also happend with 248.eny help would be appreciated thanks.........

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    do you mean the screen flickers while doing a search or does it really jump out of place all the time?

    If it's the first then that's just normal.
    If it's the other... ....someone else will help you out with that.

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    hey.funk_mob. it just flashes.but are you shure thats normal?

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    Pretty sure about it
    happens to me too when I'm in the middle of a search,it makes my screen flicker(flash).It stops doing so after the search is ended.
    If it's the same with your screen then it's all good

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    On the first search after signing on mine does fine but on the second the screen starts flashing for bout 30 seconds to a minute and then disconnects and then when it connects again the search worls fine. But if it dows this while I am downloading it takes forever to reconnect. That happens with unlimited search more.

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    Originally posted by DRACOJOE2@26 February 2004 - 02:24
    That happens with unlimited search more.
    Turn off the unlimited search more

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    turn off auto search boss


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