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Thread: How To Speed Up A Dial Up Connection?

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    what is the best program to use to speed up a dial-up's the only connection available to the internet in my area .....i really want to get dsl or cable or something but there isn't any options so i'm stuck ....please help...i connect at max download speed is 3.4 Kbps.can i increase this?

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    Ever try satellite? Don't have any info regarding conencting to the internet via satellite though.

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    3.4 thats not so bad 4 56k I used 2 get a steady 2.0kbs!! ASDL at a reasonably price at the mo though so I switched, Man I love it!

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    Wow, When I had 56k, I had a stable 7kbs - 7.5kbs

    And on isdn I had stable 5kbs

    Funny isnt it?

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    thanks anyway...guess i'm stuck with hours of downloading movies and apps....i have some great apps for download....working on a list right now

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    How to speed up dial up...

    Get rid of it...

    sry, couldnt resist. dail up suxorz.

    But i know ur hardship, i had the same thing for many a years, till about a year from now actually.

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    As was said before, you can't.

    I'm still on dial-up (same as you, we can't get anything else out here), so DON'T BUY ANY OF THAT CRAP THAT ADVERTISES DIAL-UP SPEED UP! NOTHING WILL WORK, unless maybe you plug your modem into the back wall of your server

    You non-Australian people out there may not realise, but 1 way satelite costs around $60 - $80 a month, which really isnt too bad if you can use it, but 2 way cable, ended up costing around $300 AUD for the first month (including installation) and then around $170 per month thereafter.

    Internet here is extortion, I heard that in Canada, you can get free installation on 2 way cable which then costs around $15 - $30 (AUD) per month for unlimited d/ls, here, it usually costs us more than than for Dial-Up and that's after you buy your modem, install it or have it installed and find the right plan. If you're rural enough, you can pretty much forget the internet, if you live 45 minutes from the coast, you may be able to get 1 way satelite or 2 way satelite if you really want to push it, but ADSL, forget it.

    Telstra just got sued a while ago for advertising ADSL for rural Australia, then not delivering, probably ate 1/4 a million out of the billion dollar yearly profits, must hurt.

    Oh, and ISDN is only available to schools, Telstra executives and maybe other executives of other Internet companies.


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