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Thread: Es5=fraud?

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    February 23, 2004
    Thomas Mennecke

    Earth Station 5, the long questionable "anonymous" P2P network, has frequently been the target of heavy criticism by virtually every segment of the legitimate file-sharing community. Its brazenly anti-copyright stance and horrific public relations policy has made it a bad apple of the P2P community; leading to its virtual excommunication.

    Much dissent towards Earth Station 5 (ES5) has been attributed to the dubious nature of the program. Several months ago, Random Nut, spearhead of Kazaa Lite, discovered a malicious backdoor code within the ES5 program. The code could be remotely activated to delete any shared file. Legitimate programmers we spoke to stated that they would never "accidentally" leave such a portion of code in their work. The ES5 administration generally responded with a "whoops, how'd that get in there?"

    ES5 managed to further excommunicate itself with its association with US fugitive Stephen M. Cohen. Stephen Cohen is wanted in the US for stealing the domain, "", forgery, and failing to pay over 65 million dollars in fines. With these facts in mind, many question those who trust ES5's supposed anonymity features to a criminal mastermind.

    In addition, the Washington Post further questions ES5ís supposed anonymity features. has already reported that, creators of P2PWatchDog, can easy detect and block ES5 traffic. Supporting this, the Washington Post also reports that its anonymity features are lacking at best.

    "It's a sophisticated protocol, but it's not set up for all the claims they make," said Mark Ishikawa, the head of BayTSP, an Internet security company that investigates piracy for record companies and other high-tech industries. "We looked at them, and the people who were downloading files were not anonymous."

    "We can easily target infringers on their network," said Matt Oppenheim, senior vice president of the RIAA. He said Earth Station V "was throwing stones at us because that's how they get more press and grow their pirate network."

    While many question the RIAA's motives, they have rarely made empty promises or threats.

    The real icing on the Washington Post's report was a journalistic investigation to the Jenin Refugee camp, in Palestine, where ES5 is supposed to exist. However, no one in the town of 34,00 had ever heard of the operation.

    "Questions about its founder and president, who calls himself Ras Kabir -- Arabic for "Big Head" -- drew laughter."

    In addition, none of the authorities in the region, neither in Gaza or Palestine, had ever heard of this seemingly non-existent company.

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    While I don't want to defend es5, they didn't respond "whoops" they responded with:

    SharePro : That was inserted to delete kiddie porn off the network
    FileHoover: That was inserted to automatically update es5

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    I think they wouldve been better of going "Whoops"...
    It was a better statement than the one they did make...LMAO!!!

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    after testing es5 i found them same issues, it also leaves a nasty hole in your file wall, plus the interface is butt ugly and confusing, set up needs a degree to figure it out, and the program initaly works the crap out of your pc , which is normal for hashing the shares , but then its overhead still takes up a heap of mem after finishing the hash lists

    i would put es5 at the bottom of the p2p world in most results, it may be fast at downloading ( sometimes) but its overall rating leave me a bit cold

    im currently looking at overnet and i have seen cons and pros in threads here, i will post after i have a good look at it

    but my suggestion is stay right away from es5 , if you want to cross platform to other p2p networks , get a p2p client for each one

    eg kazaa lite, imesh 1.3 (its got no spyware), so on and so on

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    I've never trusted ES5. If it smells and looks like shit, guess what it is.

    And IMHO, the best cross-network P2P app is MLdonkey.

  6. File Sharing   -   #6 BS meter went off before I dowloaded that shit....

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    IMHO ES5 won't be going anywhere good for a while - They've handled too many things wrong.

    The program's technological goal ("Anonymous Filesharing") is admirable but the way it was handled (i.e. closed-source, engineered for a commercial purpose) has given it a lot of blows.

    Personally, I'd have said open-source filesharing software with a closed-source encryption system would have done the job better, but what do I know?

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    Okay javaboy; you've proven that you can spam the boards with anti-ES5 propaganda, but are you capable of any original thoughts on the issue?

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    Sorry hilo. If you hadn't noticed, the only talk about es5 here is anti es5 talk.

    If you are willing to be open about the program you are asked to discuss it elsewhere.

    Remember, only "es5 sucks", "es5 is evil", "I wouldn't ever use that program", " " type stuff is allowed. Spam rules about writing in a thread when you have nothing usefull to say go out the window when es5 is involved.

    Peace of mind Findnot

    No time to work out? Try Folding instead.

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    Originally posted by hiloman67@29 February 2004 - 03:40
    Okay javaboy; you've proven that you can spam the boards with anti-ES5 propaganda, but are you capable of any original thoughts on the issue?
    Who needs to be original when the facts are so damning?
    On a given day or given circumstance, you think you have a limit.
    And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit and you think "Ok, this is the limit".
    As soon as you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further.
    With your mind power, your determination, your instinct and the experience as well, you can fly very high.

    - Ayrton Senna, R.I.P.

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