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Thread: Help Burner Problem!

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    I don't really know what going on if its the burner or something on my computer but everytime i burn a music cd like the first 5 tracks will work but its always at least the last 2 tracks that never work anyone have any clue why itd be doing this?

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    Add some more detail: What program are you using? What OS? What do you mean by the tracks don't work?

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    Im useing nero mainly but it does it with clone cd, cd mate and burnatonce...Im using windows 98 and what i mean is the first half of the cd work but useally the last 2 track just don't play in a cd player it just freeze and doesnt read those tracks...Is that enough info or did i leave some info out? oh and my burner is I/O Magic 24x10x40 external usb 2.0 and the model # if its needed DR-cdrw241040EU

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    Do you get a "Burn Completed successfully" message when it finishes?
    Use DAO and a slower burn speed, and make sure you finalize the disk. CD-RWs dont work well for audio so use only cd-r.
    Some CD players dont like some CD-Rs, so try different media.
    Thee's lots of possible causes ,so as much info as possible may help.

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    yes i do get the burn completed successfully message and it's not the cd player im useing cause i have done successful burn's but alot of coasters too and sometimes nero freezes up and i get a timed out message?!

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    can anyone help

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    Try reducing the burning speed.

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    When I burn I turn everything I can off. Just like when I defrag. I turn off internet connection, NAV, NIS etc. I get much better success then. Give it a try. Burning takes a lot of sys resources. Peace.

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    Freak have a look at this LINK. I found this on the Dell website a while back. This guy has tons of buring info and help. He was far more helpful than Dell Customer Service.


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