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Thread: Email Contacts

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    im using microsoft outlook 2002, when i send e-mails i just click on the new' tab and type my messasge, then i click on the 'to' tab and a box used to appear with names in it, now that doesnt happen. yesterday somehow i wiped clean all my email contacts, now im starting again, so i have 2 email contacts in my contacts folder, but when i want to send an email and click on 'to', the names no longer appear as they used to. whats going on here?

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    Make sure you have added those contacts properly in the Outlook Address Book. And then try.

    Edit: When you press a dialog comes up. In there it will be somewhere to select which contacts. Select "Main Identity." Make sure its not set to Shared contacts by default.
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    Why not take the opportunity to ditch Outlook and use a client that isn&#39;t targetted by every email worm created.

    I recommend Mozilla Thunderbird.

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    sorted thank you. BTW is there better version than outlook express 2002, i mean i got this with the microsoft full suite, so if there is a better version than the whole microsoft suite including a better outlook xpress, plz let me know

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    Outlook Express comes as part of Windows, not office.

    There is Office 2003, which includes Outlook 2003, but you really should listen to the advice already given, ie using Outlook presenting a security risk.

    I also recommend Thunderbird.


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