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Thread: Breast Feeding Newbies

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    perhaps the ppl that run this forum might see if they can direct all newbies to tutorial forums, and faq,s b4 they are allowed into the general forum population

    this might reduce the amount of duplicate threads we have to answer and look at

    with all the tutorials and guides in this forum ( may i say they are great and 99% of my questions i can get answered by reading these ) there should be much less traffic and new issues can be seen and dealt with

    the other thing i have noticed is the amount of ppl just spamming threads with just a word or 2 if not just their logo, which i think is just to get their amount up so they get more stars

    it makes it realy hard to read some threads with what i would call grafiti logo sprayed everywhere through the thread

    could i suggest that maybe a persons logo/tag ( whatever you call it ) should only apear the first time they add to a thread , not every time ( it would reduce the number of pages a thread has and make it easier to read ( especial those big logo that streach across the page )

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    If you dont like sigs I suggest you turn them off in your control panel.

    Control Panel

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    oh don't be so fussy !!
    There would be hardly any conversations here at all !!


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